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Specialized Assessment Tool

All our Residential Inspections services include our Specialized Inspection Equipment and Comprehensive Report- Digital and PDF format

thermal camera certified home inspector

Thermal Imaging 

FREE SERVICE (as needed) Infrared Camera is a tool to further asses and allow us to provide the client with more information, regarding insulation, possible water leaks & air leaks. To confirm proper air temperature when testing furnace or a/c. And is also used in other components of the inspection as needed. Thermal Imaging is not require by the Standard Of Practices, but at Strong Tower Home Inspections we strive to produce a report to help you make the best decision.

thermal camera

Gas Leak Detection


gas leak detector home inspector

Moisture Meter

FREE SERVICE (As Needed) Moisture caused by water penetration can cause rotting of wood, sheathing, & other materials and is usually accompanied by the growth of mold. 

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