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How Does 18 Month Warranty Work?

1. Have Strong Tower  Home Inspection complete your home inspection.

2.Request the 18 Month Warranty from Residential Warranty Home Protection of California. (best coverage available on the market today).

3. At the time of purchase, 6 FREE months will be added to the plan term just because the home was inspected by us. An 18 Month Home Warranty for the price of 12 !

The 18 Month Warranty by Residential Warranty Home Protection of California represents the broadest coverage available today. When your Certified Inspection Expert provides a full home inspection, your property then qualifies to get an additional 6 months of warranty coverage, when you purchase the 12 month policy. In fact, if you are ever denied coverage for a claim, that can be verified eligible by any other contract we will either cover it, or give you 100% of your premiums back. Pricing is based on a simple square footage system, and you'll never experience any upcharges.

With Residential Warranty Home Protection of California, you are simply covered.

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**IMPORTANT NOTE: Only homes inspected by Strong Tower Home Inspection qualify for the 18 Month Warranty with the free 6 months of extra coverage. All other homes can only qualify for the Simple Plan or Premier Package. 

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