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and Air Quality Testing

Mold Damages what it grows on... and the longer it grows , the ore damage it can cause.

Let me inspect your home for mold

There are many types of mold, and they reproduce by means of microscopic, airborne spores. Mold can start growing indoors when its spores float inside from outdoors and land on surfaces that are damp. Exposure to mold by inhaling or touching mold spores can cause allergic reactions and irritation to the lungs, eyes, skin , nose and throat.

Mold that gets established can gradually destroy the things it grows on, 

including home furnishings and structural components. you can prevent damage to your home and furnishings, save money, and avoid health problems by controlling unwanted moisture intrusion and eliminating potential mold growth. Protect your investment and your family's health, and let me inspect your home for mold and the warning sign of mold growth. 

Air Quality Testing

Your mold testing professional will determine the number of air samples that will be taken inside the home, along with an outdoor sample to compare the inside samples to compare the inside samples to as a baseline or control sample.

Air Samples can tell you if you have hidden moisture or leaks that are producing spores that may represent health risk to you and your family. 

When should you considers and indoor quality test

  • When a recent or past water even is suspected.
  • A "musty" smell is noticed.
  • An occupant of the home is predisposed to respiratory distress.
  • Recent Mold remediation took place and you want to verify effectiveness.

Choosing us for Mold and Air Quality Test 


Choosing a mold testing company is easy. Look for clear results in an easy to read format delivered as fast as possible. This is why every test we perform is analyzed by our partner in lab services, PriorityLAB. We ship the samples in and they out the same day. The results are interpreted clearly and accurately. Either there are problem levels of mold, or there aren't. Either there is mold growth present, or there's isn't. The results are what matter and PriorityLab delivers every day. 


We offer an exclusive guarantee with our mold testing services. If you have mold testing done with our company and the results are good, and you later see mold, we'll pay to remove all visible mold.  Terms And Conditions 

Mold Inspector, Mold Inspections

MoldSafe Warranty 

For up to 90 days following the date of the inspection, if you move in to your new home and mold is present that was not found when inspected, you're covered for remediation. See policy for full details.

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