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What is our Full Concierge Service

Strong Tower Home Inspections provides a free Concierge Service along with your home inspection to help alleviate the moving process stress. Your necessary home services will be coordinated with just one easy phone call, at zero expense to you.

Home inspection full concierge

Your dedicated Concierge will assist you in arranging local service providers for electricity, gas, water, trash, sewer, TV, Internet, and phone. You can select from reputable providers, and the connections are complimentary. You already have a lot to handle during your move, so there's no need to allocate an extra day in your schedule for setting up these services.

There is no cost for this program, and participation is entirely optional.  You will receive an email providing detailed information about the program, and you can choose not to be contacted if you prefer. Remember that these special offers cannot be accessed by contacting the companies directly, so be on the lookout for a call from us or reach out to us via email or by visiting if you require immediate service.

moving concierge service, cheaper utilities, deals  and discounts

Although the move was stress-free, I missed my call! Please note that certain utilities may require 48 to 72 hours to process your request during busy periods. It is advisable, in most cases, to avoid service disruptions to prevent gas and water leaks. Therefore, contact us as soon as possible. If your closing is imminent, visit 

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