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New Construction Inspections: Before Closing or Before One-Year Warranty ends?

Are you planning to purchase a new construction home or approaching the one-year mark on your builder's warranty? Here's the dilemma of whether to conduct new construction inspections before closing or wait until the one-year warranty walk-through?

Each home inspection is dependent upon timing, and I’ll shine a light on each type.

Should i have an inspection on a new construction?

Why Inspect Before Closing?

Inspection before closing on a new construction home allows you to identify any potential issues or defects before finalizing the purchase. It gives you the opportunity to address these concerns with the builder and ensure that your new home is delivered in optimal condition.

Most of the new construction inspections we perform are for fully completed homes that have already undergone thorough inspections by the Authority Having Jurisdiction, commonly known as The City. At this stage, the home should be ready for occupancy, possibly just needing some final cleaning. If you can only choose one inspection for a new construction home, this is the essential one to opt for.

If there are any necessary repairs, which typically come in a list, it is advisable to address them promptly. Conducting repairs in a vacant house is much more convenient than in an occupied one, as it can be disruptive for the residents. Additionally, certain builders appear to be more willing to assist before the property is bought, but their responsiveness tends to decrease once new owners have moved in. While most builders are reliable, the unresponsive ones can leave homeowners feeling frustrated, and their experiences are the ones that linger in our memory.

new construction inspect before closing

After the closing: 11-Month Inspection / One-Year Inspection

While the builder's warranty provides coverage for certain issues within the first year, conducting an inspection before the warranty expires can help you catch any hidden defects that may have arisen post-construction. This proactive approach can save you time and money by addressing issues early on.

If you didn't have a complete home inspection before the closing, the next ideal moment to have one is before your builder's one-year warranty expires. This inspection is similar to a full home inspection, but homeowners now have detailed knowledge of the property. They are aware of issues like the slow dryer, the consistently cold room in winter, and the drafty window.

Our inspections typically begin with a walkthrough of the property, led by the occupants who highlight their concerns and ask questions. After inspecting the house, we review our findings with our clients. Homeowners often pass our reports along to their builders, who generally welcome our feedback.

new construction inspect before warranty expires

It is advisable to schedule a pre-drywall inspection and a complete home inspection before the closing, if the timing allows. In case you have already finalized the home purchase, opt for the 11-month warranty inspection. This is a decision that you will never regret!

Why choose Strong Tower Home Inspections as your New Construction Inspection?

Our comprehensive new construction inspections covers all the major components of your new home. Trust Strong Tower Home Inspections to provide you with a detailed report that empowers you to make informed decisions.

Contact Strong Tower Home Inspections today to schedule your inspection before closing or before your one-year warranty walk-through. Protect your investment with our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

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