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Pricing guide for Available Plans

*SQ FT must include basement even if unfinished 

*Condos & Townhomes Reduce fee below by $20

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Additional Coverage

Pool & Spa Coverage - ($185.00) This option covers the mechanical components of in-ground pools and spas.

Septic Tank Pumping - ($45.00) This option covers one septic tank pumping in case of failure due to a full septic tank.

MoldSafe - ($85.00) This option includes visible mold growth coverage and will cover the remediation of any new visible mold up to $2000.

$75 Deductible Buydown - ($75.00) All home warranties have a service call fee or "deductible". You can choose whether you would prefer our standard service call fee or $75 service call fee.

Condo Discount - (-$20.00) Receive a $20 discount on your policy if your property is a Condo.

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